Secret life of Carrie Ferrari

A question many ask is: where do teachers really go after that final bell rings and what exactly do outside of their teaching livesCarrie Ferrari is an English teacher who has an exhilarating life outside of school.
Before she became a teacher, Ferrari loved to participating in a few sports which were Field hockey and track.
“I was a forward in field hockey and I loved running down the field then scoring the goals which made this sport really appeal to me. I was also a distance runner for track and other than that I was just a typical high school student reading my books and hanging out with my friends,” said Ferreri.
Ferrari took a profession in which she could make positive change in the world.
“I became a teacher so I could influence the world in a positive way and I looked up to lots of teacher who guided me toward this career in teaching so I hope that I have accomplished that,” Ferreri explained.
She loves her family as much as her job..
“I have a husband, Mr. Ferrari who’s over at Weaver middle school and teaches Engineering. We have two kids: Anna is three and Henry is one and they are very energetic and so cute.”
Later on in Ferrari’s life, she had many hobbies outside of her job as a teacher.
“I really took an interest in reading and loved to spend time with my family and if I could carve out some time, go on a run occasionally,” Ferreri shared.
Ferrari is unique in her own way and likes to express that through things you may not know about her.
“I like to talk to myself alot and I also sing in the car pretty loud,” said Ferreri.
All these things keep her in good thoughts and energetic during the day, inside and outside of school.

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