Reviewing The New Graeter’s

Who doesn’t love fresh homemade ice cream? Well, for those of you that do, Graeter’s just opened a new ice cream shop on August 10th located at 5410 Scioto Darby Rd, Hilliard Ohio. From their irresistibly delicious ice cream made by the French pots method to their huge chocolate chunks, and their fine ingredients, who could resist a scoop?

  The ice cream parlor is known for its signature flavor black raspberry chocolate chip, and it’s other best selling, quality ice cream flavors. When asking Aryadna Ojeda what her favorite ice cream flavor was, she was quick to respond.

“It’s definitely black raspberry chip and their mango sorbet,” said Ojeda.

  This best selling ice cream is made with black raspberries and gourmet chocolate chunks. Graeter’s is the only ice cream shop that uses French pots, dating back to over a century ago. They put ice cream, chocolate, and all the other ingredients that go into their ice cream and they mix it in these big French pots. When the ice cream comes out, it is hand packed into pint sized containers. Since the ice cream is handmade and created with fresh ingredients you can trust me when I say Graeter’s has great tasting ice cream.

  The customer service at Graeter’s is fantastic. I asked a customer named David what he thought of the customer service, and he had many positive things to say.

  “Their customer service is great. When I went in I was greeted by the employees and they were all really kind and they were patient while I chose my flavors,” explained David.

  They also have a variety of flavors such as mocha chocolate chip, salted caramel chocolate chip, black raspberry chocolate chip, and so many more. There are endless options to choose from. For those of you that can’t eat ice cream because you are lactose intolerant, Graeter’s sells raspberry sorbet, lemon sorbet, watermelon sorbet, and mango sorbet. These flavors are all dairy free. Since it’s still summer, you still have time to get your ice cream on!

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