Review and Preview: September/October


The month of September included rival football games, homecoming excitement, and achievements across the board from our Panthers.


The bonfire was on Wednesday September 17th.

   The week leading up to Homecoming was packed full of delight with spirit week, the bonfire, the football game, and of course, the dance on Saturday. Spirit week included themes like character and pajamas, which both can be read on our a story here. The bonfire, where students prepared their grinding tactics, was as the poster described, “lit” and can be discovered more here. Christian Hill and Morgan Ford were crowned as homecoming royalty and there thoughts about the achievements can be seen here.

  Our football team was also pitted against both Hilliard rivals this month’s, Davidson and Bradley. Unfortunately, both of these away games were a L for Darby, and ended the month off with a record of 1-4. 

Image provided by Darby High School

Image provided by Darby High School

Band and color guard at the Hilliard Invitational qualified for states on the 17th, and also recieved the highest rating available. Learn more about the competition here.

Girls’ Varsity Volleyball won OCCs for the first time in 17 years, and their win against Worthington Wolves can be read here. 


Panthers won against the Wolves on September 20th.


Back in the building, 2015-16 yearbooks were distributed on the 22nd, and information about yearbook itself can be discovered here.

Last year's book is distributed.

Last year’s book is distributed.





The past couple school years the district has been attempting to figure out the best way to deal with exams and exam schedules, and this year is no different. They’ve decided to try out block periods, which is two periods of the same class back to back. The block schedule will be at the end of every quarter, and this quarter’s block schedule is October 11-14. Tuesday and Thursday the odd periods will be blocks, and Wednesday and Friday the even periods will be blocks.

   On October 19th, students of all grades will have the opportunity to take the PSAT (Practice SAT), as long as they register for the test by October 7th. Juniors who take the test can qualify for the National Merit Scholars.

   There won’t be any school on Friday, October 21st since it’s a Central Ohio Inservice Day, so be sure to enjoy it!

   Darby High School is hosting the annual Red Cross Blood Drive on October 27th, and students who are 16 or older can donate blood during the school day and give to a great cause.

   The girl’s Powderpuff football game will be held on October 27th, the same day as the Blood Drive, during the last periods of school. The teams consist of all girls, and the Sophomores will play against the Freshmen, while the Juniors will fight for a win against the Seniors.

   The most exciting thing about October, of course, is Halloween! Panther Press will have an entire week dedicated only to articles about Halloween and Fall, and this will last from October 24 through the 28th. Halloween this year is on the Monday after the 28th, and there will sadly not be a full moon during the holiday like last year.

By Madeline Capka and Olivia Deslandes

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