Review and Preview: November / December


It’s been a very exciting month for Darby students, filled with various achievements and multiple events, but as it reaches its end, it’s time to reflect on all that has happened this November.

  To start off the month, Darby introduced self-defense to the students for a chance to learn about how to protect yourself.

  The “Jabberwock” play was also an event this month, allowing students to show off all their hard work and dedication that went into putting the act together. The students performed on the 3rd and 4th. Great job theatre! Read more about the play here.

  The Darby Marching Band earned a superior rating at the OMEA State Marching Band Finals. With the temperature being 35 degrees, and many students tired from all the practice, we are so proud of our Marching Band for receiving such a good score. Click here for more details!

  Key Club helped volunteer with a spaghetti dinner at the Hilliard Senior Center to raise money for kids in poverty around the world. The dinner was $10 for every person. Thank you to our students for their willingness and generosity to help those in need. To learn more about this event, click here

  The JV, Varsity, and Freshmen basketball teams have started their season. Their first game was the 30th, where they will be played against Marysville.

  Sophomores visited Tolles on the 20th to learn more about the possible classes they have the opportunity to take there the following year. Click here to get the full story.

  Students were able to show off their talent in the annual talent show the day before Thanksgiving break. The show lasted for about 2 hours and started at 8:00 am. A big round of applause to the students who were brave enough to perform in front of their peers! Read more about the talent show here

  Finally, Thanksgiving break started on the 22nd and ended on the 27th. We hope students got to spend time with family and enjoy the Black Friday shopping too!

Written by Malia Evans


  Despite December being a short month for school, there are still many events and games taking place throughout the two and a half weeks of classes.

  The first day of the month is home to the Varsity wrestling team’s first match at home against Middletown High School, which will be at 5:30 pm in the gymnasium. The day after, the JV wrestling team will be going up against the Bradley Jaguars, also in the home gymnasium.

  On Wednesday, the fourth, at 4:00 pm, the coed Varsity bowling team is playing the Davidson Wildcats at the bowling alley Game of Western Columbus.

  The next day on Thursday, the JV and Varsity girls basketball teams will be playing on the road at Hilliard Bradley, with the JV game happening first at 6:00 pm. At the same time that night, the JV and Varsity boys teams have an away game at Central Crossing.

  For the first time this season, the Varsity gymnastics team will go up against the Wildcats at Davidson starting at 6:30 pm.

  On the musical side of things, the band, orchestra, and choir will all be performing together during their celebration concert on December 13th and 14th at 7:00 pm in the PAC.

  Friday, the 15th everyone will have the opportunity to attend the Dinner With Santa at 4:30 pm in Darby’s media center.

  All high school and middle school students in the district will have block scheduling on the Friday, Monday, and Tuesday right before the break. This will be a time when some students may have midterms or projects due.

  That is it for the month of December since winter break begins on Wednesday, the 20th. Students and teachers will not return to school until January 3rd, so be sure to enjoy the long break!

Written by Madeline Capka

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