Review and Preview: August/September


The first month of school, while very quick, was packed full of new opportunities and experiences for everyone.

  Freshmen came from a school of only 700 students to one with over 1600 students, obviously causing freshman to be nervous and a little overwhelmed, and you can read more about the freshman here.

  New for everyone, the iPads have had mixed reviews from students, some arguing that the iPads are harder to use and hinder memorization, while others argue that iPads increase student motivation. Read more about the iPad debate on It’s Debatable.

  Austin Hacker, a junior at Darby, has a positive outlook on the new iPads the Hilliard City School District has provided.

  “I really feel like the iPads are helping increase productivity levels. You can upload your assignments on canvas from anywhere and everything is right there where you need it,” Hacker explained.

  Also introduced was, R-factor, a method to deal with daily challenges. An assembly where everyone was given wristbands with “E + R = O”, was held in the first week of school. A story written about R Factor can be found here.

  The first football game of the season was on Friday, August 26 against the Olentangy Braves, where the Panthers lost in an upset thanks to a weak defense. Coverage of the game is available here.


  On the very first day of September, boys and girls soccer teams are playing against the Davidson soccer teams at home.

  One of the most anticipated football games of the season against the Davidson Wildcats will be taking place this Friday, September 2 at 7:30 pm, and the theme will be Star Wars and blackout. Students, as always will be marching from Darby to the Davidson stadium before the game at 5:00 pm.

  Thanks to Labor Day there will be no school on Monday the 5th, so be sure to enjoy the day off!

  The Darby v. Bradley game, where the student section will be decked out in USA gear, will be at Bradley High School on the 16th.

  The following day the marching band will participate in the Hilliard Band Invitationals, which is being held at Darby.

  Jeremy Kozman the band director at Darby mentioned his hopes for band competitions this year.

  “Well hopefully we will qualify for state contest and that is our first goal, our first contest is in September, to get superior ratings, and to get better each week,” Kozman stated.

  Homecoming week, beginning on September 19th will include the bonfire on Wednesday and the dance on Saturday the 24th, meanwhile the theme is still currently being decided.

By Madeline Capka and Olivia Deslandes

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