Retreat helps choir bond

Once a year the Darby Symphonic Choir has a choir retreat where they spend a day together singing and bonding. The retreat is at Hilliard United Methodist Church and it lasts all day.

  The retreat is to welcome new members of Symphonic Choir, and to learn new music for the Celebration Concert and polish off the fall concert literature.

  Dr. Mike Martin, one of the choir teachers, Enjoyed the retreat and thinks it’s a great opportunity for students.  

  “A choir that is well knitted together will sing and perform better,” Martin explained.

  The Darby retreat has been going on since the first year the school opened in 1997, and has been going ever since.

  Each year the seniors blow out candles. Senior Elise Gebhart is the leader of the Symphonic Choir, and hand a good experience during Senior Candlelight this year.

  “The candles are used each year as the outgoing seniors share their favorite memories of choir and what the experience means to them,” Gebhart explained.

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