R-Factor assembly provides new outlook

Throughout the first week of the school year students in all four grades were introduced to R-Factor, which is a new way of thinking positively and practicing above-the-line behavior.
Tim Kight, a dynamic speaker who graduated from The Ohio State University, brought us this concept of the R-Factor and shared it with us.

Administrator Chad Schulte shared his thoughts on how R-Factor can change your life in a positive way and help students better their education.

“R- Factor will change the way you deal with unexpected events in your life. R-factor is about slowing yourself and thinking thoroughly about how your response will affect you and only you. R-Factor is to make sure the action you take on new or impacting event is right and appropriate,” Mr. Schulte explained.

There are a total of six R-Factor steps which are to press pause, get your mind right, step up, adjust and adapt, make a difference, and build skill. These are steps that would help you in events throughout your high school career and help you deal with them.

Senior Robert Gunter, has a positive outlook on R Factor.

“It is a really good concept, and is giving me opportunities for new things and to try new things,” Gunter explained.

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