Promposal season is here and here’s what some students did for theirs

Prom season is upon us and that also means promposals. For many Darby students that means asking their dream date to prom in the most memorable way possible.

  Many students at Darby have been asked in the sweetest ways. Some of the more common ones seen are a play on words with the sport that their significant other plays. Other common promposal posters are movie references that hint towards their favorite movie.

  A unique idea a Darby student had was asking their date by singing with his friends/acapella group. They went to her house and sang the One Direction song “What Makes You Beautiful.”

Photo creds Ethan Hessick

  Another unique poster idea seen was made by Junior, Ethan Hessick. He asked his girlfriend, Junior, Rachel Horvath, by making a poster referencing all the places they went during spring break. His poster read, “I’ve Bean meaning to ask you I Shedd have asked you already Eiffel that I would be Barce-lonely without you. Do you want to Chica-GO to prom with me?” He also gave her a photo edited by him that made it look like they both were at the Chicago bean together. He chose these ideas for his prom poster because it had a very special meaning to the  two of them.

  “I wanted to do something special and thoughtful and I had a bunch of ideas, but none of them really fit I guess,” Hessick said. “Then we went to a gift shop and I saw a picture frame and thought it would be funny and cute to photoshop a picture of us, and I already had a bunch of Europe and Chicago puns thought of, so that just kind of felt right.”

  This promposal was very unique and special to the couple. There were also plenty more great promposals from Darby students made for their special someone.

Photo creds to Claire Huffman

  On the receiving end of the promposals many of the students are anxiously waiting for someone to ask. Sophomore, John Scholl, was asked with a promposal sign that replicated the postcards from the internet game “Club Penguin.” When he was asked he was a little surprised but knew it was coming.

  “I was a little surprised to see [Claire] with the sign,” Scholl said. “But I wasn’t nervous,” he finished.


   Another person receiving a promposal was Junior, Carli Rigel. She got a poster that was based off of lacrosse, her favorite sport. She was very surprised and was not ready to be asked.

  “I was not expecting him to ask me,” Rigel said, “He said he was coming over but when I went to open the door I was so surprised.”

  Getting a promposal is always a good feeling and will be a great memory for both people. Darby promposals were a success this year and wishing all the students with or without a date to have best time at prom.