Prom spirit week has a rough run

This last week was another spirit week, this being the third ever spirit week for prom. The Junior Class Cabinet of 2017 put it together their junior year to make the week before prom a special one. This year the junior cabinet came up with unique themes that were not the normal themes we do almost every year. While some were new, some popular ones made a comebacks.

Monday was PJ Day. There can never be a spirit week that does not have PJ day on a Monday. You’re tired and don’t want to be at school so what better way to start your week than by wearing PJs? It is always fun to wear your onesies because you really cannot wear them any other time.

Tuesday was Twin day. This one is not a new one, but one that has not been done for a while because it is a hard one to do. It’s harder than most themes because while you probably twin with someone you have a class or two with the other six periods of the day you look like you are dressed for a normal day. This is why it has not been popular in the past.

Ryan Cochran said Twin Day was his favorite day and told us why.

“Spencer Torak and I twinned with each. Since we had to wear our pink shirts, we wore the same flannel over it and jeans and the same shoes. It was pretty dope” Cochran said.

Wednesday was the newest addition: Meme Day. This one was thought to be an easy one because there are so many memes and there are always new ones coming along. The problem is when a new meme comes along the old ones are forgotten, and so this theme presented itself as a little harder. You had to get creative and a lot of times high school students take being creative as a too much work, so it was not a highly participated one.

Thursday was Jersey Day. Jersey Day is usually the one theme that is done every spirit week because of the student participation, and that is all students in leadership want to see. This theme always comes with criticism as kids feel that it is overdone and boring.
Friday was Darby spirit day where people deck yourself out in Carolina blue and panthers. This one is done every spirit week, especially because during Homecoming because of the football games on Friday.

This year’s prom spirit week was not one to go down in the books as a highly participated one. In fact participation was down this year due to timing of school events. On twin day the senior class was told to wear their pink senior shirts or pink in general for the senior class picture and told to twin with the whole of the class. On Friday it was the Honors Awards ceremony to honor kids with good grades so most of the school was dressed nicely. And lastly kids just did not know how to participate in the new meme day.
Cochran talked about how it was kind of disappointing as a senior to not have an amazing last spirit week.

“I love spirit weeks, and it’s just disappointing because we’ve had so many good ones and for this one to be our last, I just wanted it to be a good one. I’m also disappointed in myself because I didn’t participate as much my earlier years so that just made this years a little bittersweet” Cochran said.

Overall, Junior Cabinet did a good job with new creative themes but they could have advertised it more as students didn’t know what was when. It was no ones fault but poor timing on when the school events were planned. This years spirit weeks are in the books and the next spirit week will be before homecoming 2018 next school year.

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