Powderpuff games prove competitive, entertaining


Photo taken by Kaitlynne Chapman

Photo taken by Kaitlynne Chapman

Wednesday November fifth, if one was willing to hand over four dollars and miss their seventh and eighth period class, they could attend two games that took place on the football field with their fellow female classmates as the players, and male classmates as the cheerleaders.

  The junior-senior game started off with a lack of defense, as both teams had scored a touchdown within the first nine minutes of the game. It also seemed very disorganized with no clean set of rules or structure. Jessica Cox was clearly the star of her team, leading the 2017 class to a win with a score of 32-30. This junior class won both their freshman and sophomore year as well, making them currently undefeated.

  Throughout the entirety of the game you could hear the sound of history teacher, Kristopher Camp, being angry, which is nothing out of the ordinary. Camp’s amusing remarks were the only thing besides the cheerleaders that tried to keep the crowd engaged and energized.

   Online teacher and coach Mark Byard was also an announcer and tried to balance Camp’s negative and sarcastic comments the entire time.  The junior class was very excited after their win as they ran towards the victory bell.

  The games were officiated by athletic director Chris Ludban and Assistant Principal Matt Middleton. 

  The typical cheerleaders were replaced with guys who you might not expect to see wearing skirts and throwing pompoms.  During the breaks they would rush the field, sometimes even before the players were on the sidelines, so they could play football. They also succeeded at making a few large pyramids and series of flips.

  During the underclassmen game there was an obvious difference between the two teams. The freshmen were very enthused to be there, even if some of them appeared to be scared of the ball, while the sophomore team were sluggish and was almost half the size of the other teams. The sophomores, coached by Chelsea Nobel and Tara Thompson, struggled to close the gap with only two minutes left in the game and succeeded in scoring one last touchdown. But it wasn’t enough. The freshman, coached by math teacher Wayne Tsai, ran down the clock and walked away from the game with a victory of 20-18.


Olivia Deslandes–Staff Writer

Mac Capka–Staff Writer

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