Ping Pong Club is a unique way to experience Darby’s extracurriculars

The Ping Pong club is one of the many extracurriculars at Darby, and it is one of the best.  The club provides a great experience for any student looking to get involved at Darby. It is also a great activity to do on the side, and it won’t interfere with your education. The club increases a student’s athletic ability, as well as their hand-eye coordination. If any student is looking to meet new people and better their experience at Darby, or just looking to have fun playing ping pong, Ping Pong Club is the place to go.

  Sophomore Nathan Hampton shared his thoughts on why students should join Ping Pong Club.

  “It is a great experience for any student who wants to have a good time at school and hang out with friends,” exclaimed Hampton, “It is a great way to improve your ping pong skills and have fun at the same time.”

  Clubs better your experience at Darby and help you leave your legacy here on your teachers and peers. Whether you want to make new friends or just have fun playing a great game, the Ping Pong Club is the place for you. They meet on Mondays Wednesdays, from 2:45 to 4:00 in the commons after school, so look for the ping pong tables and be sure to check it out.


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