Percussion Ensemble concert does not miss a beat

The first Percussion Ensemble Concert of the year exhibited the after school class work. Percussionists, a cellist, a flutist and a soprano, piano were on the stage Friday, December ninth at 7:00 pm. Pieces included “Always”, which was written to commemorate a passed loved one, “Alarm”, appropriately titled and was exclusively drums, and “Jamaican Me Crazy”, a steel band piece.

   Traditional high school marching bands after the marching season have a indoor season, but Nick James, thinks differently. To expose the percussionist to a variety of music beyond marching music. It includes world drumming, like Latin and Caribbean music.

  The after school class meets four times a week for almost an hour and are graded on rehearsal, etiquette, concert wellness, and attendance. Nick James, the band assistant, thinks this class is a great opportunity for percussionists to be more than just background noise.

Image provided by Shannon Devitt

Image provided by Shannon Devitt

  “In the world of music percussionist, especially in concert marching band, they mainly focused on one instrument at a time and don’t get to be featured much in a piece  more there for extra sound effects so percussion ensemble give them the opportunity to play actual music on their instruments and be their own ensemble,” said James.

 Percussionist Gareth Orris, was excited for the multiple acts.

 “It’s going to be really cool, we have a piece with the cello and the flute, which is cool cause they’re not traditional percussion instruments but when they’re in a percussion ensemble setting it makes it really unique and interesting,” Orris said.

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