Panthers defeat the Cats and make history

The Darby Davidson game kept its word and made history with a sensational overtime finish that came down to the wire. The final score was 9-6, with Darby as the victors.

  The score was tied 3-3 all four quarters when it went into overtime where Davidson started off with the ball. Davidson had to settle for a field goal, as they were unable to crack Darby’s defense. Darby got the ball and their first two plays went in the wrong direction. This set up a third and long when Senior running back Clint Barnett got the sweep, caught a couple blocks, and saw some daylight.

  Barnett ended up taking it in for the winning touchdown, in what he described as incredible.“[It was] an experience I’ll remember for the rest of my life,” Barnett went on to say, “The energy from the crowd while I was running was unbelievable and the relief I felt that we had won the game.”

  The MVP of the game, Senior Linebacker Tommy Clark was also excited about the win.

“It feels great to beat Davidson, they’re always a tough competitor but we never doubted ourselves. This win feels good but now it’s time to focus in on Westerville South.”

  This rivalry has spanned ten years with this game making the most history. This was the first time a Darby vs Davidson game has gone into overtime. Also, it had the fewest points with a total of 15. The previous record was 16, which happened in 2010. With less than 200 total yards between the two teams on offense it represented the lowest offensive production in the rivalry’s history.

  This week Darby plays Westerville South at home at 7:00 pm, and they’re looking to build off the big win from last week.

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