Our Staff

Madeline Capka is currently a Senior who is one of the two co-Editor-in-Chiefs of the Panther Press and is the Opinion and Student Life editor. This is her third year working on Panther Press and her second year as Editor-in-Chief. She is also on the Key Club committee and works as a host at an unnamed restaurant.

Olivia Deslandes is in her 
Senior year, a co-editor in chief, news editor, and arts and culture editor for this paper. This is her third year in the paper, her previous year also being an editor-in-chief. Olivia does other things, like tech and theatre where she paints and goes to stuff she doesn’t want to. A fun fact about Olivia is that she has chronic hiccups.

Noah Adams is a Sophomore student life and sports editor for this paper who loves sports. He plays soccer for Darby and hopes to play more sports for them in the future. He’s also interested in math and current events. A fun fact about him is that his middle name is Thoreau.

Mariam Baig is a Senior, Staff writer, and artist for Panther Press.  She is treasurer of Key Club and really likes video games, cartoons and horror movies. In the future she would like to study computer science and pursue a career in video game programming.               

Lauren Busch is a senior staff writer for the Panther Press. This is her first year working on the Panther Press. She is also a part of Senior Cabinet and is in National Honors Society.

Alexa Capka is a freshmen staff writer for Panther Press. She is in Key Club and French club at the school. She also plays volleyball on the Darby Freshman volleyball team. When she isn’t doing those things she spends her time playing club volleyball.

Griffin Csiszarik is a sophomore who is a staff writer for Panther Press and plays soccer and Hockey. Griffin is also a member of Spikeball club and Ski club.

Nicholas Esposito is a Junior at Darby. He is a staff writer that specializes in sports. He is also an Intramural basketball champ and co-founder of BAM athletics. A Fun fact about him is that his favorite sport is football.

Malia Evans is a Junior at Darby and is part of the writing staff for Journalism. She can usually be found at home playing video games or watching cartoons. She strives to get her opinions across in the stories she writes and to be able to change perspectives too, as she enjoys writing with meaning.           

Andrew Haugh is a sophomore and staff writer for Panther Press. He is on the color guard team here at Darby and is the only male to do so within the last three years for the fall season of guard. He also spins in the winter guard. He is an incredibly huge DCI nerd and loves the Bluecoats and the Blue Devils.

Rachel Horvath is a sophomore staff writer for the paper and first year Panther Press member. She is a member of PAWS club and ski club and plays volleyball for Darby. A fun fact about her is that she loves to draw and do anything related to art.

Claire Huffman is in her Sophomore year as a staff writer. This is her first year in panther press. She is also involved in many clubs like Key Club, Interact Club, and French Club. An interesting fact about Claire is that she is adopted from China.

Olivia Krumpe is a sophomore and a first-year staff writer for the Panther Press. She is apart of the Girl’s Volleyball Program, PAWS Club, and Class Cabinet. When she grows up she wants to compete on and win Survivor.

Avery Lyle is a freshman staff writer for the paper. He runs Cross Country and Track for Darby and is also interested in science and soccer. A fun fact about him is that he can’t whistle.                    

Addyson Taft