Original DIY Hand Turkeys for Thanksgiving

In the spirit of the holiday season, and Thanksgiving right around the corner, handmade decorations are a must. This year we decided to recreate a classic, hand turkeys. We wanted it to be unique and have some flare, so the ones we created were inspired by Andy Warhol.


Photo taken by Kiera Toliver.

  First, you have to get the supplies. You need two pieces of paper that are the same size, four cans of spray paint, scissors, tape, a pencil, and things to decorate the hand turkeys, like paint or markers.


Photo taken by Kiera Toliver

   Start by taking one piece of paper and dividing it into four equal sections. Then take the other paper and draw the same lines, and cut out one section. This paper will be used to protect the whole paper from being covered in spray paint.


   Next, use the scraps from the square that was just cut out, and trace your hand and cut it out.

After this, take the hand to a section, and cover the rest with a piece of paper. Grab your first can of spray paint and cover the entire first section. When the paint dries, remove the hand and move it to another section, and do this to all four sections.


Photo by Noah Adams


Photo by Noah Adams



Photo by Kiera Toliver

Once all the spray paint is dry, take your paper and decorate the turkeys! You can decorate them with paint, crayons or colored pencils and draw shapes on them or even color them in.



Photo by Kiera Toliver

By Noah Adams and Kiera Toliver


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