Old teachers and staff members where are they now?

Each year, teachers retire, go to other districts, or move to other Hilliard schools. Over the years we have had many teachers move buildings; they may be gone but they are never forgotten. The most recent teachers and staff that moved buildings have been Mr. Walton, Mr. Schulte, Ms. Hueter, Mrs. Thompson, Mrs. Beverage, Mrs. Willams, and Mr. Tsai.

When teachers move schools, some of them stay teachers but many of them move to other positions. Ms. Hueter taught English here at Darby and two years ago moved to Weaver to become the assistant principal. 

   Ms. Hueter says her role as assistant principal has been a great opportunity to make people appreciated.  

   “I enjoy the opportunity to build relationships with our students, families, and staff.  At the end of the day, life is all about relationships,” Hueter said. “I always strive to make people feel appreciated and valued.”

   Many teachers not only change their buildings, but also their classroom dynamics to a different grade, subject, or class size. 

   At the beginning of this year, Señora Beverage moved from teaching Spanish to freshman and sophomores to teaching it to 8th graders at Memorial. She says because of working with Darby students, she is able to know what 8th graders should know at the end of the year.  

   “Since I used to teach high school students, I have a clear idea of what my middle schoolers should be capable of at the end of eighth grade in order to be successful in their high school Spanish classes,” Beverage said.

   Mrs. Thompson is another teacher who in the past couple of years has had a significant classroom change. She taught English with Darby students and eventually moved to the Innovation Learning Campus (ILC) fulltime to teach online classes. Thompson reflected back about her time at Darby from being a full-time teacher. 

   “Darby is a very special place filled with amazing people. I miss interacting with everyone on a daily basis, but luckily, my job brings me to Darby once or twice a week, so I am still able to see my friends and old students!” Thompson stated. 

Another teacher who moved from Darby to the ILC is Mrs. Valerie Kulick-Brown. While at Darby she taught Media Arts and Drawing, now at the HUB she teaches Business, Entrepreneurship, Engineering, Technology, and Art (BETA). BETA is an experiential learning class where students get to use modern manufacturing technologies such as laser engravers, 3D printers, and vinyl cutters.

Adam Walton, a former assistant principal moved from Darby to Central Office to become a Secondary Instruction Leader which means he supports educators who are delivering instruction while at the same time keeping a big-picture perspective on what students need from their education to be successful after graduation.

Mr. Walton said Darby was able to help him learn about teaching practices that now helped in his current role as a Secondary Instruction Leader.

“I believe that as an Assistant Principal I actually learned a lot about teaching practice from conversations I had with our teachers and that in turn made me better at my job,” Walton said.

   One teacher recently changed districts. Mr. Tsai, a former Darby math teacher, moved to Olentangy High School to become their new assistant principal. Mr. Tsai said the best part about being an assistant principal is having the ability to impact more students.  

   “The best part of my new job is the reach I have in impacting the number of students’ learning here in our building.  As a teacher, I tried to affect the everyday learning of students within my classroom,” Tsai said. “Now, I work with teachers of all subjects in developing best practices within their classrooms so students can have the best possible experience during their high school years.”  

   Even though teachers leave to retire, switch schools or titles, they will always be remembered. Once a panther, always a panther.  

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