Ohio State puts on a performance of The Comedy of Errors for Darby students

On Thursday, October 19th, eleven Ohio State University actors came to Darby to put on a production of The Comedy of Errors for the students here. After putting on an hour and a half long performance of the Shakespearean Comedy in the PAC, the performers sat down and answered questions any of the Darby students had about being in theater, or about just being a student at Ohio State.

Art drawn by Mariam Baig

  The Comedy of Errors began with a family traveling on a boat during a storm. The ship wrecks and the family, a mother with one son and one servant, is separated, while the father is left with his twin son and twin servant. 25 years after the storm the comedy continues with the two twin brothers (each with their own twin servant) in Ephesus, a city in Greece, searching for their missing family. There is a lot of use of dramatic irony as the audience knows that throughout the entire play the two long lost twin brothers are constantly mistaken for the other. The play ends when the brothers are reunited and the other characters realize their mistake in confusing the two brothers and their servants.  The play was condensed to only an hour and a half so students would not miss more than two class periods.

  The performance was viewed by many English classes at Darby as a way to experience a live performance of a Shakespearean play, something that is very beneficial when reading works by Shakespeare. Often kids who are reading these advanced plays never get to see a live performance of the classic productions written by Shakespeare that they often read in English class.

  Freshman Allison Snyder’s Honors English 9 class was required to view the play in hopes that they would be able to have a better understanding of Romeo and Juliet, the first Shakespeare play most students at Darby read.

  Snyder believed that every student at Darby can benefit from seeing the play because it could help them understand Shakespeare more when reading his plays.

  “It benefits us as students because it helps give us a visual representation of what’s going on,” said Snyder, “It helps because instead of just reading the words in a classroom you get to see it acted out.”

  Every student at Darby should get the opportunity to see a live performance of a Shakespearean play before they graduate. It is a great experience and everyone enjoyed watching the comedic performance.



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