November 5th will decide new leadership for our school district’s future

On November 5th, while Hilliard City School students are out of school, voters will be hitting the polls to decide new leadership for Hilliard’s Board of Education. The Hilliard Board of Education is comprised of five members who help develop policies, listen to parent and student concerns, and continuously improve the quality of education in Hilliard. This upcoming election, five candidates are going head to head to earn a seat on the board. This election year two seats are open at the table. Nadia Long who has served on the board for 4 years is seeking re-election.

Her journey started with her son and has sparked excitement about the future of the district.

“My journey to the Board of Education began as my son began his journey as an elementary student. I was involved in PTO, ISPTO, Superintendent’s Advisory Community and other school and district activities,” Long said. “During these volunteer activities, I found myself excited about district-level initiatives and the future of the schools.”

Brian Morgan, Jon Parker-Jones, Brian Perry and Stasi Trout are all challenging her for the chance at one of those seats. They all have different issues they stand for and have different parts of the district they want to see improved. Some of the different issues include safety, communication, technology, and the culture of the community.

Jon Parker-Jones says the reason he ran for the board is to help guarantee students are given the opportunity to a top-notch education.

“I want to use that commitment and passion to ensure all students in our community gain the best education possible,” Parker-Jones said.

Candidate Brian Morgan says he is running to help ensure his son gets the same quality of education for years to come.

“I ultimately am running for the School Board because I have a 2-year-old son, Mateo, who will be attending Hilliard Schools in a few short years,” Morgan said. “I want a voice in making sure that the educational product he receives is not only the same quality one provided now but even better.”

No matter who wins, every candidate has the vision to create, improve and have a strong love for the Hilliard School District and want to make sure that every voice is heard.

In order to do that Brian Perry says there must be an open line of communication.

“We need to foster a culture of community in our district so that everyone feels comfortable giving constructive criticism, without fear of repercussions. There must be open avenues for dialog,” Perry stated.

Stasi Trout is ready to make sure every voice throughout the district.

“I will encourage, through email, social media and established ‘office hours’, all stakeholders to reach out to me and the entire BOE,” Trout said. “I’m comfortable and confident listening to and being approached by people and students! Every experience and conversation enriches our lives, the comfortable, the uncomfortable, the easy and the difficult and I’m ready to continue to serve our HCSD as your voice!”

To be eligible to vote you must be 18 years old, already registered to vote, and pay Hilliard City School taxes. With the upcoming presidential election many seniors and some juniors will be eligible to vote in the 2020 election.

According to the White House, voting is an important responsibility held by Americans “One of the most important rights of American citizens is the franchise — the right to vote.”

Luckily you don’t have to be 18 to register. Once you turn 17, you can start the process to register to vote. To ensure you can vote in the upcoming presidential and all future elections, be sure to click the link below to start the process. The future of the school board now rests in the hands of the voters.