Noah from Panther Press performs prank

The sign that reads “April Fools”. Image taken by Kiera Toliver.

Here at the Panther Press, we love April Fool’s so much, we decided to carry out a prank of our own. To make it interesting, we crafted and performed the prank as an initiation on our new Panther Press teacher, Ms. Kartavich.

 I’ve always wanted to perform an elaborate prank, similar to iconic hooligans Bart Simpson from The Simpsons and Jim Halpert from The Office. I also took inspiration from a prank performed on our own school nearly a decade ago, where our fans were tricked into holding up self-deprecating signs at a football game. This prank made national news, has racked up over 250,000 views on YouTube, and immortalized the perpetrator, Kyle Garchar. While my prank idea was nowhere near this magnitude of shenanigans, I still hoped that my plan would really exhibit the spirit of the April Fool’s tradition.


  I told Ms. K in advance to bring food for a surprise birthday party for our editor in chief, Maddie. I said I would provide the decorations. For decorations, I tp’ed the room and put ribbon all over the smart board. Ms. K brought us cosmic brownies and Rice Krispies.



Our teacher is quite surprised. Image taken by Kiera Toliver.

   Of course, it was not Maddie’s birthday. I just wanted some free snacks. Ironically, her birthday turned out to be four days later, which I did not know at the beginning of planning the prank. During the decorating, I told Ms. K I was making her a sign that said “Happy Birthday”. In actuality, the sign read, “April Fools”. The prank was being prepared right under her nose.


The surprise continues. Image taken by Kiera Toliver.

  All that was left was the prank itself. We made Maddie wait outside, like it was a surprise party. The photographer got the camera ready. As Maddie walked inside, everyone (including Ms. K) yelled surprise. Then, I followed the editor with the sign that said “April Fools”. Ms. K was definitely surprised as we entered the room, and she laughed as it became clear she had been fooled. The pictures would probably do this prank the most justice.

The decorations of the room. Image taken by Olivia Deslandes.




     After the dust had settled, I enjoyed the sweet taste of accomplishment, and also the sweet taste of those free cosmic brownies. Now that’s how you perform a prank, folks.

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