Nicholas Skelsky’s passion for basketball

Basketball is an intriguing sport to watch, and getting to know one of the players is key. Nicholas Skelsky is a sophomore who plays for the Darby Basketball Junior Varsity team. He plays shooting guard and his role is to score lots of points and occasionally bring up the ball. Skelsky has been playing basketball for six years.
“ I Started playing after I started watching my brother Nate Skelsky and the Ohio State Basketball team,” Skelsky said.
Nicholas was a great player and basketball spoke to him and taught him how to bounce back from adversity and find a way not to disappoint his teammates and his coaches. Skelsky explained that bouncing back is one thing that keeps Darby in the game and that makes their performance look just as good.
“In basketball, in just a short amount of time a situation can be turned around and not be in your team’s favor. This is why your reaction in the following minutes after the play are crucial for the team to change in a positive way and then you guys can fight your way through any situation,” Skelsky said.
“My passion for basketball forms through playing with many teammates for years and learning your play style, and it is also fun playing with them as a team.”
The JV team has gotten closer together and this strengthens the bond that their team has. Nicholas practices a lot and really enjoys it because it helps his weaknesses become stronger. He also likes when he is in a situation that is really similar to the game so he can be prepared for when it comes up during games.
“A difficult thing about practicing is when we have to go against varsity. Since we are a Junior Varsity team, we don’t have the size compared to them in height or strength. Although it is pretty difficult, this is a great way for me to strive for improvement and get better so someday I could play at that level,” explained Skelsky. This helps the team and Nicholas prepare for varsity level and helps them get ready for how fast pace the game will be moving.
Now, Nicholas has a few things he needs to work on and things that he already has mastered. “Some strengths that I have is my shooting and widening the court so my teammates have more room to shoot. Something I need to work on is being quicker off the ball and on defense so I can shut more people down and get more steals,” said Skelsky. Each player sets their own goals and this has them working until the end of the season.
Skelsky has something he thinks that every Basketball player should know going into the season.
“I would suggest following the program because they are trying to improve the skill level for all players in all grade levels at places like summer camps, summer practices,travel leagues and open gyms. There is an astounding coaching staff at Darby High School and the coaches all strive to make the players improve and get as many people involved as they can.”
Go support Shelsky and the rest of the JV basketball team as they compete at Central Crossing tomorrow, December 5th.

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