NHS Variety Show Review


Photo taken by Lauren Taylor

Darby’s variety show held by The National Honors Society was simply jaw-dropping! The MCs, Jayson Shoemaker and Luther Nyirenda, gave the audience a comedy show with a twist of sincerity. With Shoemaker and Nyirenda’s funny jokes and tasteful commentary they were able to get the crowd up and excited for the upcoming acts.

The show started off with sophomore Jake Vasiloff who played the drums. Vasiloff played along to a rock/metal track with an electric drum set. This performance was able to get the crowd pumped up for the next two periods. The show continued to make jaws drop and eyes widen in awe.

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Photo taken by Lauren Taylor

All acts put on a tremendous performance and there was a good variety of acts to see. The acts ranged from a peaceful violin solo to an exciting hula hoop dance routine.

The final act of the show was the sophomore band, Time Out. The band played three songs including Elvis Presley’s popular hit ‘Hound Dog.’ The three boys put energy and life into their performance which brought the crowds hands together generating miles of smiles in the audience.

All in all, the NHS Variety Show was a raging success and it let students leave with a positive attitude, ready for Thanksgiving break.

Lauren Taylor – Staff Writer

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