NFL Playoffs and The Browns

With a new year comes a new round of NFL playoffs, where only one team can be crowned Super Bowl champions in the end. The Cleveland Browns managed to have a successful season by making the playoffs and ending their playoff drought that began in 2002. Then, they managed to upset the Steelers 48-37 in the first round securing their first postseason win since 1994. 

   The Browns have managed to come a long way this season, as just 4 years ago the Browns only won a single game. The year after that in the 2017 season, they failed to beat a single opponent. Now they have made it all the way to the second round of the playoffs, just losing to the Chiefs 17-22 in a nail biting game against the reigning Superbowl Champions. 

     One fan and fellow Darby student, Jacob Neri, called this “a miracle season for the Browns,” and is excited for the future of the franchise.

   It’s every Browns fan’s dream for them to finally pull through and win not just consistently after seasons of defeat, but to go all the way. The Browns in their entire franchise history have never even made it to the Superbowl. This year has been the closest they’ve ever come in a long time, and the future looks bright for the team. Jacob went on to say that he believes that next year, the team is very hopeful to contend once again, as long as injuries aren’t as big of a factor on limiting the defense, and if the Browns manage to draft well for some key positions. 

     All in all don’t be surprised to see the Browns being very successful next year and making a playoff run once again. The biggest issue the Browns face is the difficult teams they’ll face in the playoffs, or even in the regular season. For instance, many believe their division to be the toughest in the NFL, and it could be even better next year. On top of that, the Browns will have to face the Chiefs and the Packers away next season, both teams who were serious playoff contenders. In the end, even if the Browns fall apart, they at least made their fanbase happy this year with a great season of redemption. 

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