New Year’s Traditions around the Globe

Each year the world experiences the changing of the calendar and many cultures view this day as a celebration. New years are filled with unique celebrations all over the globe. As people transfer into 2021, it is a great time to observe and learn about others cultures and traditions. For example, here in the United States, traditions can include watching the ball drop in Times Square in New york or on television.

   Darby sophomore Aleena Salam shares about her New year’s traditions with her family, stating, “New years this year my mom and I made Oreo truffles and other delicious sweets together, then with the rest of our family we watched the ball drop and played a game of cards.”

   Sweets are also a part of a tradition in Switzerland, which involves the dropping of ice cream. This midnight tradition includes dropping a bit of ice cream on the floor to give luck, abundance, and wealth. In addition, the swiss festivities are filled with colorful costumes as they line the streets and perform ceremonies to chase away negative spirits.

   Keeping bad spirits away is also seen in many other cultures’ traditions, such as the Smashing Plates tradition in Denmark. In order to keep away bad spirits, Danish people visit their friends and loved ones to smash their unused dishes against the door. 

   Darby Tenth grader Morgan Baker talks about her New Year’s traditions stating, “A tradition my family and I have is that  we all go out to eat dinner and then we come back home to play board games until midnight and then we watch the ball drop.”  

   Midnight is a large part of New Year’s traditions because it is the first minute of the new calendar year. One midnight tradition occurs in Spain where they eat a grape for each clock toll at midnight. This is to symbolize a grape for each month of the year and to wish their family good luck. 

   Two other countries that use their new year’s traditions for luck in the coming year are Brazil and Columbia. In Brazil people use the time to reflect and wear white as a symbol of luck. Additionally, people will go to beaches to throw flowers into the water and jump seven waves. They choose the number seven because it is believed to be a lucky number. The people in Columbia also have their own unique traditions to wish themselves luck. This includes carrying empty suitcases and money around the block at midnight in order to have luck traveling and to have financial stability.

   These are just a few of the different celebrations in countries around the world. Traditions are everywhere and each family and person may have something unique to add to them. 

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