New turf will highlight athlete talent

Hilliard Darby made waves this summer by putting in a new turf field in the Darby Stadium, in place of the old grass. Construction was completed near the end of summer, so students are just now getting to try out the exciting upgrade to the stadium.

   The majority of Darby athletes are in favor of this stadium change, which also took place at Hilliard Davidson. The old grass was becoming quite worn out, making it difficult for some athletes to showcase their talents.

  Junior football player Jaden Jones describes how the new turf can benefit him and the rest of the football team.

   “It’s a lot better on our feet, it’s just a better feel,” described Jones, “It will help us be a lot faster, it will just help us be a better all-around team.”

Turf doesn’t just help out the football players either. It can help all field sport athletes play a smoother game. Sophomore soccer player Griffin Csiszarik explained how the turf can benefit his team.

  “I think the turf makes the ball move faster, at least for soccer players,” Csiszarik said, “I think it’s a really good, fast-paced game and I think the turf’s just amazing to play on. It’s good for us to have as a school.”

  While many Darby athletes would agree with Csiszarik and Jones, there are also some concerns about the turf. The rubber pellets can significantly raise the field temperature, and they can get inside the athlete’s equipment. There are also theories that the pellets aren’t good for your health. However, even with all these concerns, most athletes would agree that the turf is an overwhelmingly positive addition to Darby.
   Csiszarik and Jones plan to show off the turf’s capabilities next Tuesday and this Friday, respectively, during each of their upcoming home games.


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