New teachers join the Darby community

As the students walked into school on the first day of school, they may have noticed all of the incoming freshmen, the new students, or even all of the new staff members. This year there are eight new teachers a part of the excellent staff here at Darby. It’s the job of the student body to help everyone feel welcome.

  The new teachers at Darby for this school year are, Mr. Kisner, Mrs. Anderson, Mr. Reed, Mr. Bell, Mrs. Poe, Mr. DeDent, Mr. Lohmann, and Mrs. Jenkins.

  Each new staff member had different reasons to become a teacher, but many did for the same reason as English teacher Nicole Anderson.

  “I’ve had a lot of teachers that impacted my life, and it helped me make decisions about who I wanted to be and what I wanted to do,” Anderson explained, “I think I just kind of fell into [teaching], and I realized it was a place where I could maybe make a difference.”

  Darby students and faculty prides themselves in the great community that has developed at their school. Thanks to all of the great students and staff, the community at Darby has really been welcoming for all of the new faces.

  Anderson’s favorite part of her new job is the energy of her students and how accepting everyone has been.

  “I really like the people. The teachers have been exceptional, they’ve been super welcoming, they’ve been super helpful,” Anderson expressed.

  Business teacher and volleyball coach Evan Bell knew how amazing Darby was before he even started teaching here.

  “Being an alum of Hilliard I kind of knew the culture going in and I knew it was a special place but especially these days the culture inside the classroom and around the school is second to none. Being back with some of the best staff members around is awesome.”

 The incoming freshmen, new students, and the new staff all received warm welcomes from the students and teachers at Darby High School.

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