New Teachers and Staff Start at Darby

Several new teachers and staff members have joined Darby this year, across numerous subjects and positions.

     Darby’s new art teacher is likely a familiar face to many students. Beth Boza taught at Heritage Middle School before starting at Darby this year. She teaches AP Studio Art, Drawing 1 and 2, and all painting classes.

     Boza has found teaching high school students to be different from teaching middle school. “In the art world, middle and high school deal with a lot of the same things, like trying to get people to think more creatively and use their imagination as well as their skills to communicate an idea,” said Boza. “The major difference is that high school students have that skill level built already so that we can focus on getting their message out and sharing their own unique view of the world around them.”

     Senior Katilynn Clark believes Mrs. Boza provides her students with opportunities to do just that. “Her class is very active, and we’re constantly doing new projects,” said  Clark. “I’m in Painting 3 and she lets us do our own thing, helping us when we need it. She’s a great teacher, always active in the classroom with her students.”

     Boza has found Darby to be a positive environment to work in. “It’s a lot bigger than Heritage,” Boza said, “but it’s really awesome because it lets you have so many more people to work with, so many more colleagues to hang out with, and so many more students to reach with artwork, so I really like it.”

     Darby also has two new Educational Assistants, Jon Haynes and Taylor Alecusan. They work as hall monitors and supervise study halls. This is a notable change from previous years, when Darby teachers supervised study halls on top of teaching.

     Three new math teachers are starting at Darby as well—Emily Burke, Maura Danko, and Logan Stepp. Darby also welcomes a new day shift custodian—Ryan Lappie, athletic secretary—Jennifer Miller, speech therapist—Kaci Osborne, ELL tutor—Jessica Linker, and Gina Pullen, who works in RTI.

     Hopefully Darby’s new staff are settling in well. If you see a new face, be sure to welcome the new teachers here at Darby.