New administration at Darby

This year Darby is welcoming Adam Walton, a new Assistant Principal who is excited for the upcoming school year. Walton is not only new to Darby but new to the district, saying that one of his first challenges starting his job was switching to the new atmosphere.

  “I think any time you move from one district to another there’s a lot of cultural aspects that are different between two schools that takes time getting used to,” Walton stated.

  As the school year moves on Walton’s coworkers, like Matt Middleton, another administrator at Darby, also enjoy having him in the office and his ability to take a step back and understand a situation before acting on it.

  “Sometimes he brings the more level headedness to the admin team, his strengths are taking a step back and taking in the situation,” Middleton explained.

  Walton is excited for the new school year, and enjoys the system they have in place for getting work done.

  “I like the people I work with, and it’s fun to get our work accomplished,” Walton explained.

  The students at Darby are lucky to have such involved administrators and Walton is a good addition to the team.


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