New Additions to the Darby Staff Team!

The start of a new school year also means new additions to the Darby staff. This year the school got eleven new staff members, including teachers and administrators, and tutors. These new teachers are Ms. Westhoven, teaching Painting One, Mr. Leonard, Marketing and Business, Ms. Jayme, American Sign Language, Ms. Skoglund, American Sign Language, Ms. Lewis, Intervention Tutor, Ms. Clancy, Intervention Specialist and Tutor, Mr. Asnicar, ELL Tutor, and Ms. Sweden,Intervention Tutor. The new administrative staff includes Mr. Stevens, School Psychologist, Ms. Bell, Athletic Secretary, and Ms. Wolfe, Counselor Rf-Z grades 9-12. Please welcome these teachers to Hilliard Darby High School with eager minds for learning.


  Many of these teachers come from different areas of Ohio. Ms.Westhoven, the new Painting One teacher, started off in Napoleon, Ohio at Napoleon High School. She graduated in the


class of 2014 and continued her education at Capital University. After college she began teaching and came to Darby. She’s quite excited to contribute her knowledge about painting to our school. So far, the experience here at Darby has been a positive one for her and her students.


  Another new teacher is Mr. Leonard. He teaches Marketing at Darby and Digital Connections at both Darby and Davidson. He began his education back in 06 at Dublin Jerome High School and graduated in the class of 2010. After high school he furthered his education at The Ohio State University. There he received his Bachelors in Economics and then went back to earn his masters in education.


  “I went to The Ohio State University,” Leonard said, “I liked it so much I went twice for a bachelors in economics and I got my masters in education.”


  He is looking forward to bringing his many skills to the classroom.


  Ms. Jayme is our new ASL teacher. She studied at THE Ohio State University and has been teaching for thirteen years. She is excited to be here at our magnificent school and feed us her wealthy stew of knowledge. A pretty impressive feat. Who can stand children for that long?


  We hope these new teachers make themselves feel at home at our school and have a good time during their stay at Darby! We’re excited to have them as much as they’re excited to be here. We appreciate them coming to our school to share their knowledge with the rest of us curious students.


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