Netflix is testing the water in stand up comedy

The new Netflix stand up comedy show called The Stand Ups has confirmed a second season. Each episode is a quick thirty minutes featuring  six upcoming comedians who take front stage and perform their thirty minute stand up routine in front of a live crowd.

  Wannabe class clown Parker Stephens, famously known as Big Hungry said,

  “Overall, I genuinely enjoyed the show. I liked it because it is one season six episodes it’s quick, it’s not a huge commitment plus the show is down right hilarious. Everyone has their own kind of style that they have mastered which was pretty interesting. I would give the show a 8.5/10.”

  The show is pretty good and the rating Stephens gave was pretty accurate. The show is great to watch because the comedians have their own style. Everyone could like someone different because their jokes resonates to them more.

  Personally, my favorite comedian is Nate Bargatze because he is your average guy that hits you with material that has happened to him throughout his comedic life. It is raw comedy and the grand finale joke was amazing. Then you have Deon Cole who “checks” off his jokes that are good and saying the hilarious truth about touchy subjects. These are two different styles but both were able to get the job done.

  The first season was a big hit with their second season set to release March 20th. The only question about season two is whether or not they will keep the same lineup from season one or completely switch it up for season two.

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