Musicans shown superior at Solo and Ensemble

Students prepare for their judge. Pictures were not allowed to be taken during the performance. Photo provided by Jayne Lewis.

Darby musicians came out of the weekend with an overwhelming amount of victories. The morning of Saturday, January 21st brought more than fifty music students to Reynoldsburg High School to participate in Solo and Ensemble. Most everyone received the highest possible score, superior, with a few getting excellents as well.

Held by Ohio Music Education Association, or OMEA, Solo and Ensemble is an opportunity for student musicians to receive a rating and written feedback for their art. Performances are rated on a scale of one to five, with one being the best. Darby had over fifty participants, including two ensembles.

Sophomore and bassist Jayne Lewis received a one for her performance of Minuet in G by Bach, but was there for the specific feedback from the judge.

“I wanted to learn more about how I play and how I can improve on my bass playing skills. I would do it again. I like learning about how I play and what I need to work on,” Lewis expressed.

As the name explains, students can either perform alone or with a group. Musicians choose from a list of pieces to perform, along with soloists doing scales with their choice of piece from a list the association provides. Musicians perform for one adjudicator who decides the rating.

Senior percussionist and baritone Matthew Connell did both a instrument ensemble and a vocal solo.

“I think I like ensemble better because you can look at the person who is also playing and just be like we’re having a fun time together,” Connell noted.

The Assistant band director, Nick James, enjoys seeing the students realize the mass number of other kids participating.

“It’s important for the students because it really pushes students to prepare their abilities behind their respected instrument and to push them as musicians so we really encourage everyone can go,” James explained.

After these accomplishments Darby’s music program has many events to show off coming up. On February 19 Symphonic Choir will be singing with the Ohio State University Choir. The winter Jazz Ensemble Concert is Thursday, february 9th in the PAC and a full band concert is on february 28th.

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