Multicultural Day brings everyone toghther with food, dancing, and piñatas

Every year Multicultural Day lives up to its promise of fun, food, music, and culture; this year was no different. There were 17 different booths, each ready to provide information about their culture through presentation boards or answering questions. Diversity club presents the annual celebration and students are able to come during one of their first three periods for two dollars.

  The Palestine booth had a lot of food, like samosas. However, they are probably known best for their circle dancing, led by Senior Nadine Rasul. The president of Diversity Club, Junior Hadeel Ahmad, was a part of the Palestine booth as well. She explained what’s so great about Multicultural Day.


  “The day means a lot to me because it’s the one day I get to be extra patriotic about Palestine and show it to everyone” Ahmad said.


  Junior Chandler Leeka is of German descent, so he helped with the Germany booth. They had gummy bears, carbonated apple juice, and German cookies. Leeka described his experience at Multicultural Day.


  “This is my first year, since most years the A.P. Students do the booth. It’s very interesting to see everyone come together and present their different cultures.”


  Somali Senior Amaal was decked out in a dress that read “I LOVE SOMALILAND”. Their stand featured food, drinks, flags, information, and music from Somalia.


  “Without [Multicultural Day] we don’t really know about others peoples cultures, so having people represent where they come from and then you learn something about other people you may have not known is pretty cool” Amaal said.


  The Mexico booth stepped up their game this year. Instead of their usual single piñata, they brought three and anyone was able to try their best to break it. The students in the Mexico booth also had a big spread of food, including  warm fajitas that were made from a skillet they brought. Multiple times throughout the event, they were seen dancing to Mexican music.


  Junior Nia Holmes was a part of the black culture booth. This is the second year the black culture booth has been in Multicultural Day. They had cornbread, iced tea, red velvet cake, macaroni, and more while rap music by black artists played from their speakers.


  “I want people to get a different view of black culture. Sometimes people say stuff about black people that isn’t true and us having this booth can show them more about us and food we cook” explained Holmes.  


  Senior Adun Obisesan was one of three students at the Nigerian booth. Along with examples of Nigerian money there was jollof rice, do-do, and chin-chin, which are foods traditionally eaten in Nigeria.


  “My favorite part is  the food, because sometimes you don’t have time to eat breakfast and it’s nice to come to multicultural day and there’s lots of food,” Obisesan said, “This is the one time a year I get to try food and see the cultures of so many others. Most of the time I get Nigerian or American food and today I get to try food from all sorts of places.”


  There were also booths representing Cuba, France, Indonesia, Iraq, India, Italy, Pakistan, Morocco, and Spain.


  Pakistan and India were providing henna tattoos for free, and each line was filled with lots of eager students. India was also playing cricket throughout the day.


  Junior Yevnikiya  was not a part of any booth, but has loved going since her freshmen year.


  “I like experiencing all the different cultures and seeing the differences between people.”


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