Ms. Hueter leaves Darby to become Assistant Principal

Any student who’s been at Darby for two years or longer has probably heard of Katherine Hueter or had her as an English teacher. However, new students won’t get that opportunity as last year was her final at Darby.

  Ms. Hueter was an English teacher for all of her teaching career, but is now the Assistant Principal at Weaver. The new position brings different experiences and people.

  “There is a lot of silliness and awkwardness at the middle school level. My goal is to embrace these moments and have fun in the process,” Hueter described. She also mentioned that she will never forget her Darby roots, as she was a graduate here as well.

  She is very proud of the Hilliard Community because of this and looks forward to making a positive impact on the middle schooler’s lives.

  “Middle school is such an influential time. My goal is to help empower students to find their passions and realize the power of their decision making!” Hueter said.

  She claims that her experiences at Darby have molded her into who she is today, and the same could go for some of her students as they remember Ms. Hueter as one of their favorite teachers. Junior Laila Chakrowf expressed that Ms. Hueter helped and listened to her student.

  “I feel she was a fair and kind teacher who really connected with her students and graded fairly. I remember her by her kindness and flexibility as a teacher that helped all students learn the best way they could”, Chakrowf said.

  Despite being missed, Ms. Hueter fits right into her new setting, and is hoping that will make the students feel more comfortable. According to her, she is still teaching, but just in a new light. Although many students and faculty will miss her, Weaver middle school is lucky to have her bright and optimistic personality.

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