Mr. Schulte leaving Darby to be the head of Weaver

On December 18, 2017, the Board of Education met for its monthly meeting. At this meeting, Chad Schulte, one of the assistant principals at Darby, was recognized as the next principal at Weaver middle school. Schulte, who has been a Panther for nine years, will now become a Wildcat.

  Schulte is always a person who you can find walking down the hallway smiling. He is always friendly to the people around him. During school events he is always having fun with the students as well as other administrators. He helps build an environment where the students at Darby High School knew they could be themselves and have fun while being at school. Schulte isn’t just a role model for the students at Darby, he is a friend.

   Schulte opened up about the next step for him and the reasons behind it.

  “I have wanted to be the principal of my own building so when the position opened up at Weaver and they asked me, I couldn’t turn it down. It is bittersweet though because I’ve been here for nine years and I have met some incredible people along the way,” shared Schulte.

  Schulte is excited about heading up his own building and he is thrilled that it is in Hilliard. He is also excited about the change, but most of all he is happy to be in the same building as his two daughters.

  As a lot of students are sad to see Schulte leave, and are excited for him as he starts this new adventure. Once a Panther, he will always be a Panther.

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