Movie Review: The Miracle Season

Many sports have iconic movies based off of true events in that sport’s history. Football has Remember the Titans, baseball has 42, and basketball has Hoosiers.
Now volleyball has a movie of its own, The Miracle Season. Directed by Sean McNamara, The Miracle Season is based off a true story and surrounds the West High School Girl’s Volleyball Program.

In 2011, West Volleyball’s star player, Caroline Found, died at the beginning of her senior season, after leading her team to a state title in their previous season. The movie shows how the team fought to rebuild their program after a devastating loss.

With any sports movie there is always the risk of having the actual sport look unrealistic, but overall the volleyball played in the movie was very realistic and not overproduced.
Although the writing was a little cheesy at times, many of the lines the coach said are things I have had coaches in the past say. In the opening scene two of the players were in the car together and parts of their conversation were really similar to conversations that I have had with my teammates.

I also felt that the players were very relatable, with many different personalities. I related to Mack because of her high energy and sense of humor. Despite how relatable the characters were, the development and changes in the characters were very sudden and did not have much depth.

I enjoyed the story-line of the movie and felt that it was very different from other movies. Although the story was unique, like many movies that are based of a true story, the plot was very predictable.

It is not the best sports movie I have seen, but it is nice to finally have a movie about volleyball, and I would recommend it to anyone looking for an inspirational story, especially for young athletes.

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