Movie Review: The Greatest Showman

The Golden Globe award winning movie musical, The Greatest Showman, hit the big screen on December 20th, 2017, and has made quite a name for itself. Directed by Michael Gracey, The Greatest Showman is the story of P.T. Barnum and his creation of the circus. In reality the circus was called Barnum and Bailey’s Circus, but in the movie his show was called P.T. Barnum’s Circus. The movie was set in the 1850’s and 60’s, and according to, has earned $113 million.
  The movie’s success is most likely a result of its unique plot line, original soundtrack (including This is Me, which won the Golden Globe for Best Original Song), and talented cast.
  The story told in the movie is unlike that of any other family movie. The crew of this movie did a good job ensuring something for everyone in the movie. There is romance,

Photo taken by: Olivia Krumpe

music, comedy, and action, which is sure to satisfy a three year old or an 83 year old. Gracey did a good job balancing these themes, as well as touching on subjects such as racial discrimination, which is especially prevalent due to the time period of the movie, without it overpowering the film.
  Not only is the music unforgettable, the choreography adds a whole new level to the art and creativity in the movie. According to IMDB, the film was choreographed by Ashley Allen, who expertly created each dance to add to the song and storyline. One of the most notable dances was to the song Rewrite the Stars, in which Philip Carlyle (Zac Efron), and Anne Wheeler (Zendaya), danced almost entirely on the trapeze ropes and ahoop. These original ideas helped lead the movie to the success it has achieved thus far.
  The Greatest Showman is a great movie with amazing singing, acting, dancing, and a very creative plot line. There is something in it for everyone and I would definitely recommend the film to anyone who is looking for a new movie to make them laugh, cry, smile, or think.

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