Movie Review: Sing! dazzles theaters

The movie Sing, directed by Garth Jennings, was something I had anticipated for a long time. As you could imagine, I was very excited when it was released on December 21, 2016. In this movie, there’s a town-wide singing competition similar to popular shows such as NBC’s The Voice, but with a twist- animated animals are competing.     

  The story begins with struggling theater owner Buster Moon. Moon has been falling on hard times, so he decides to put on the first ever singing competition as a gimmick to bring his theater some attention. That’s when we meet the contestants.

   Each contestant in the movie has their own story. What makes Sing so great is that each character is fun to follow. You can feel their emotions. There’s Johnny, who’s father is a gang leader, the punk-rock porcupine Ash, and other interesting characters.

   The characters in this movie have many ups and downs, but the finale brings it all together. Each character gives their final performance, and they were all performances I could watch over and over. Stars like Reese Witherspoon, Scarlett Johansson, and Seth Macfarlane debut their voices along with other polished singers.

   My favorite part of the movie had to be the soundtrack. Sing features modern and classic songs that are still stuck in my head. Even the original songs were fun. They weren’t cheesy like other kid’s movies songs can be.

   Overall, the animation was great, the characters were great, and the music was great. It didn’t quite meet my sky-high expectations, but was amazing nonetheless. I would highly recommend seeing this movie, and give it a 9/10.



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