Movie Review: Love, Simon

Artwork by: Olivia Krumpe

As one of the first young adult movies that focuses on teens coming to terms with their sexuality, Love, Simon is Simon Spier’s coming of age story as he attempts to keep his sexuality a secret throughout the film.
  Nick Robinson portrayed Simon, with Jennifer Garner and Josh Duhamel playing the roles of Simon’s mother and father. Also joining the cast was Katherine Langford, who was Leah Burke, Simon’s best friend, and Miles Heizer who was cast as Cal, one of Simon’s classmates. Heizer and Langford are both known for their roles in the Netflix Original Series Thirteen Reasons Why.
  According to, since its March 16th release, the movie has earned over $23.5 million, and is expected to earn even more since it is still relatively new to theaters.
  The film’s plot was creative and unpredictable, without jumping the shark and being too over the top. Many teen movies are guilty of making high school unrealistic and unrelatable for teens. However, the cast and crew of Love, Simon were able to have the general vibe of the high school similar to what teens experience in their lives.
  I really enjoyed the music in the movie as well. Although it’s not a musical, the background music in many scenes added to the experience without overwhelming the movie. It fit the tone of the scene and allowed viewers to connect more with the story by causing them to feel the emotions of the scenes, thanks to the music.

   There was no single character I was able to relate, however I could connect with Simon and his main friend group. Including Simon, the group of four was extremely close and were best friends. I also have three really close friends and I feel as though our closeness parallels that of the friend group in the movie.

  Love, Simon will keep you on the edge of your seat for the entire hour and fifty minutes, while still having you laughing and crying in between.

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