Movie Review: “It” astonishes critics and fans

Theaters were packed with moviegoers for the opening night of “It,” the movie adaptation of Stephen King’s book. The “It” TV miniseries became a classic after it was released in 1990, alluding to an eventual remake. The monster Pennywise came back to haunt the town of Derry on Thursday, September 7th, 27 years after the original. The new movie, directed by Andrés Muschietti, has been something I had been waiting for since I saw the trailers.

Picture drawn by Mariam Baig

The storyline follows Bill, Eddie, Richie, Stan, Bev, Ben, and Mike, a group of kids who uncover the dark secrets of their hometown and discover a demon, who they all call “It,” that has terrorized the town for centuries. When Bill’s brother, Georgie, disappears mysteriously, the children start to piece together the puzzle after being tormented by it. All of the children have problems in their own lives, and obstacles they must overcome. Ben trying to fit in at his new town, Bill attempting to get over his brother’s disappearance, and Stan wanting to impress his father are all examples kids could relate to.

The new movie is much darker and scarier than the original, which almost seemed silly or forced at times. Bill Skarsgård, the Swedish actor who plays Pennywise, perfectly captures the personality and essence of the character. The movie could have been scarier at some points, but the movie always had a creepy ambience that made up for it.

Overall, the movie exceeded my expectations. I would recommend this movie to anyone, as there are a lot of ways for anyone to relate to the characters, as long as they can handle the scarier parts. The acting was great, the characters were great, and the storyline was way more than you would expect from a scary movie. It’s a must see film and I rate it a 9.5/10.

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