Mighty Mick’s Gym Preview

Mighty Mick’s Gym, located just three minutes from Darby, continues to grow and thrive thanks to the “Everybody In” mentality.

  Starting from humble beginnings, in 2014 former Darby teacher and owner of Mighty Mick’s Gym, Dave Eagle, has created a unique gym experience. Offering a cross-fit style training regiment, Mighty Mick’s is good for any fitness level.

  “I think it’s better than cross-fit,” said Eagle. “The workouts here offer a lot less ballistic movements that are hard on your joints.”

   The Mighty Mick’s system is created for gym-goers to work and push themselves as hard as they want in all stages of their workout. This allows for high intensity workouts that will work every part of your body every time you go in.

   Mighty Mick’s is also unique in the culture that has been established. New members can expect to start slow as a baseline for how hard they can push themselves, but what sets Mighty Mick’s apart is the atmosphere. Things like mirrors and headphones are outlawed at Mighty Mick’s as it limits the amount of intimidation and competition in a typical gym setting.

   “The people are who makes this place,” said Eagle. “These people are my friends now; It doesn’t matter if you are 17 or 63, everybody relates to each other and inspires one another. I’ve never been to a gym like this before.”

   As a member of Mighty Mick’s, I can confirm that everything that Dave talked about is true. Starting out it might seem a little intimidating as everyone really does know and support one another. Eventually though, you will become apart of something that is really pretty special. 

   Another unique aspect that Dave eluded to is that you can choose how difficult you make your workout. This means that there are no reps included with most exercises as it is up to you to decide what you want to do. 

   Currently, Mighty Mick’s is also offering boxing workouts on Tuesdays and Thursdays and stretching classes are offered in the evenings. If you are really looking to push yourself Saturday mornings are the way to go, as the challenge and intensity are increased from that of a regular workout. 

   All things considered though, the best way to understand the system is to go and do it for yourself. Dave really says it best, “You become apart of it and it really becomes everyone’s gym and not just my gym.”

   If you would like more information you can visit https://mightymicksgymhilliard.com for hours, workouts, and pricing; or feel free to contact me as I can give you a personal perspective on the gym that has become a huge part of my life.