Meetings to educate students about mental health

This year, Syntero, a company that provides mental health support in central Ohio, brought a program to Darby to help educate students about mental health. Every month there will be a new topic dealing with things like depression, eating disorders, and healthy relationships.

  September was suicide prevention month. Lauren Hickson, the school’s Syntero clinician, hosted a meeting for anyone who feels they need support and to talk with them about any issues they may have. Students were able to get support anonymously. Hickson also debunked myths about suicide.

  In the meeting, Hickson discussed what to do if a friend says they’re suicidal. She emphasized that students should not keep suicide a secret; if a peer

Photo Credit: Drew Moore

Photo Credit: Drew Moore

says they are suicidal, they need to get help.

  The rest of the meetings will cover a variety of topics. Hickson described how each topic was picked for each month.

  “All of these topics go with what a lot of the different awareness months are,” Hickson stated.

  Hickson also explained the overarching goals for the rest of the meetings throughout the year.

  “My goal through these meetings is to really increase awareness about mental health issues, decrease stigma, [and] provide some psychoeducation for the students of Darby so that we can have a better environment here,” Hickson said.

  Next month will be mental illness and drug and alcohol education. The next several months are also listed below. To participate, sign up in the main office and then go to room 107.


November: Healthy peer and romantic relationships

December: School safety with a special guest speaker

January: Time and stress management

February: Eating disorders

March: Healthy and safe choices about drugs

April: Autism Awareness month

May: Mental Health month

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