Meet the Teacher: Katie Beverage

The new year has provided us with many new teachers, including Katie Beverage, a Spanish teacher. This is her fifth year teaching overall, And she previously taught in Grove City and Virginia. She hopes to bring a fun, silly approach to the subject.

This new teacher has a love for the Spanish language and culture, and the different, unique, ways to teach it.

“I think of Spanish as something different from all the other content areas as it involves a lot of interaction,” Beverage explained. “It’s really fun. I like to have fun in class, being silly weird dances they shouldn’t be afraid to act kind of dorky.”

The Spanish teacher so far is impressed with the students’ here and has noticed a difference between Darby and her previous schools.

“The students are awesome they are so polite and respectful and kind and enthusiastic,” Beverage enthused, “I’m really excited to be here.”

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