Meet Spanish teacher Curtiss-Kast

The 2014-2015 school year was a transitional time for Spanish teacher Amy Curtiss-Kast at Darby High School. Last year was Curtiss-Kast’s first year at Darby, who teaches Spanish 1 and 3. She previously taught at Brookhaven High School.

  “I’m really enjoying this year. I feel right at home, I understand the routines, I know who to talk to when you have different needs, I know so many students from last year. It was really fun to come home,” Curtiss-Kast said.

  Senior Anaya Lewis discussed Curtiss-Kast. “Mrs. Curtiss-Kast is my best friend,” Lewis said.

  Curtiss-Kast also truly appreciates her coworkers’ help in making her transition smooth, enjoying their company in and outside of school. They all bounce ideas off each other, which helps to enrich a Spanish student’s experience in class.

   “It’s a really fun team to work for,” Curtiss-Kast said.

  Curtiss-Kast is the Ally Club (also known as the Gay-Straight Alliance) advisor for this year.

  “I’m involved because I am an adult, I see inequality and know I should do something about it,” Curtiss-Kast said.

  After Brookhaven closed, Curtiss-Kast received a notice that Darby had an opening. At the time, her oldest son was in Darby, and her other three children were in the Hilliard City School District. Curtiss-Kast decided to go for it.

  Even with her son around the building and her other children across the street at Heritage, it was hard for Curtiss-Kast to leave her beloved students at Brookhaven, and transition to a new district.

  Curtiss-Kast noticed right away that her new position came with new challenges as well. “It was a bit of a culture shock,” Curtiss-Kast explained.

  Curtiss-Kast explained that Darby students behaved differently, students had different needs than those at Brookhaven, and routines were different all around.

  “I really miss my students from my old school. I still stay in touch with a lot of them. They were some neat kids and I offered a different type of support there, so I really miss them.”

  Besides teaching Spanish, Curtiss-Kast loves to read and watch movies. Her favorite movie is Out of Africa. She has also been using the app, DuoLingo, to learn a little bit of German and has also been practicing Portuguese for some time.


Karoline Betteridge–Staff Writer

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