Meaningful gifts for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day celebrates the love and relationships that people have. Even those who are not in relationships can still have fun on the holiday with their friends or family. While chocolates, jewelry, and flowers are always great gifts, try something more unique for your other half or best friend this February 14th.

   Personal gifts are always the most appreciated and show your significant other how much they mean to you. Fill a notebook with reasons why you love them or with your favorite memories together. Or try a print with your favorite song lyrics to remember the good times. To capture moments ahead, get a Polaroid camera to capture your future moments together. If they are artsy, get a custom portrait of you two. These are all great ways to cherish your time together and show them how much they are loved.

   If you both like to travel, keep those special places close to your heart. Try putting a map of where your first date was in a frame, like one that has a heart cut out in the middle. Or, get a map that has a top layer that you can scratch off to show where you have been and where you still want to go. Take pictures of your trips together and make a collage of your adventures. You can also make a bucket list of places you have not yet explored to cross off through the years. With these gifts, you two can continue to wander together.

   If you are looking for an experience, try a unique date night. Be adventurous and go indoor skydiving in Cincinnati or in the Dublin facility being built this year. Find a band or singer you both love (or someone you have never heard of) and go to a concert. Going to Build-a-Bear you will give you something to remember that night forever. Walking through downtown and the city is romantic and still does not break the bank. While these original dates are always great, freshman Kara Martin says classic dates are her favorite.

   “My boyfriend and I are going to go to a movie and dinner afterwards. It’s good because it gives us time to talk and it’s really romantic,” Martin says.

   Chocolate is a classic gift that is classic for a reason. Truffles are delicious and perfect for any chocolate lover. Or switch it up and get a kit to make your own truffles together. Of course chocolate covered anything is delicious from strawberries to pretzels and everything in between. Leslie Easton loves chocolate and baking.

   “I don’t have a boyfriend but I would love to make something with my friends,” Easton says.

   Making new memories with those who are close to you is always a promise of Valentine’s Day. So whether you decide to stick with the classics or mix things up, these gifts will show your loved ones how much you care.

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