McKamey Manor takes Haunted Houses to Another Level

During the month of October, besides the pumpkin spice lattes, cool weather, and pumpkin carving, people will find their local haunted house for a good scare.  The levels of horror depends on the place, but in Ohio nothing has been as scary as the Haunted Hoochie. Personally, when I attended two years in a row, the most extreme thing the workers could do is remove you from your group, or touch/pull you.  This may sound frightening, but the owner of The McKamey Manor, Russ McKamey, would have to disagree.  

   Claimed as “The One and Only Original ‘Extreme Haunted Attraction & Survival Tour,’ and with only four bags of dog food for payment, McKamey Manor, located in Nashville, exceeds the boundaries of your typical haunted house.  

   The list of requirements already sets this Haunted House apart. You must be above the age of 21, have a completed doctor’s note saying you’re physically and emotionally stable, a full background check, be screened by Russ himself over Facetime or Skype, proof of medical insurance, sign a detailed 40 page waiver -up to four hours of paperwork-, and pass a drug test.

   There has been major controversy around McKamey Manor claiming it is legitamate human torture. I have watched the videos found on their YouTube and it is beyond anything I could imagine to be legal. There are no boundaries. If you throw up, you eat it.  Hair, skin and teeth will be pulled. Shaven heads, broken bones, and someone even had a heart attack a few years ago, however, the workers at McKamey Manor go without lawsuits or any cases against them. They claim you can have a safe word if things are too much for you, but many attendees say the workers don’t stop.  

   On the registration website there are so many warnings, and Russ himself said, “I would never partake in something like this.” Each tour is different and is based around your own personal fears lasting up to 10 hours of torture. 

   Would you ever step foot into the house?  All this information can be found on the McKamey Manor website  Unfortunately, due to major controversy and popular demand, Russ has made himself unavailable to answer questions or calls.