May: Art Profile

Sophomore and second year ceramics student Elise Neighbarger created two unique and curvy vases that capture the eye with their form and color. She calls this art piece ‘Change’. The piece is named this because of each individual curve that changes into another one very smoothly.

 To make this ceramic art she used the wheel to create each segment for both of her vases. She started by making each segment separately then adding one on top of the other until she got the height she wanted. Also on this piece the colors she chose were white and blue. For her piece she used the white glaze to make a blank background creating negative space and then used the blue glaze for a makeshift water splash. Her inspiration for this glaze job and the whole piece was Tom Kemp. He is an artist who uses the splash of color for the glazes which Neighbarger intended to do for her piece.

  Her favorite parts of the vases were the individual segments of each vase.

   “My favorite part of both vases happens to be what most people do not see when they look at it from the start,” Neighbarger said, “Every section is unique in every way from the curves to the size, which in turn creates a space in the background. It is something beautiful.”

  Neighbarger created something very different and beautiful by working very hard on every detail. The school can not wait for more art next year from Neighbarger and the art classes.

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