Marine Corps Band Sound Strike promotes recruitment with lunchtime performance

The typical everyday lunch time buzz and conversation in the cafeteria was replaced by the stylings of Sound Strike, the Marine Corps Band of San Diego, on Tuesday, March 1. The upbeat music ranging from covers of Taylor Swift to Stevie Wonder echoed through the commons during all three lunch periods. This special performance was designed to bring awareness to the Marine Corps, and the range of opportunities it provides.

Photo taken by Jessie Strait

Photo taken by Jessie Strait

  Sound Strike is the Marine Corps rock band for the west coast, and this was their first time traveling to the east coast. The traveling rock band promotes recruitment for the Marine Corps by showing students a more personal side of the marines. Chief Warrant Officer Christian Flores serves as the Band Officer of Marine Band San Diego. Flores further explained the purpose of Sound Strike’s performance, as well as what they hope to achieve by organizing these performances.

  “A lot of times people are intimidated to go talk to their local recruiter because the uniform is so intimidating at times,” said Flores. “If we can break down those barriers, even just a little bit, it makes a huge impression on [young] people. Even if one person is more likely to speak to their recruiter, then our job is well served.”

  According to Flores, performances like these can also grant students with parents who have served in the military the opportunity to form a connection with the Marine Corps, and better understand what serving on active duty is like.

  Staff Sergeant William Pierce plays the bass for Sound Strike. Pierce elaborated on what he hopes students take away from Sound Strike’s performance.

  “I hope that they’ll see a side of the Marine Corps that they may not be familiar with. Everyone knows that the United States Marines are the ones that are fighting and winning our nation’s battles, but not everyone knows that the Marine Corps does all these humanitarian things and all these public performances,” explained Pierce. “That’s a side of the Marine Corps that we really want to showcase; that we can make people aware of.”

  In addition to bringing awareness to the Marine Corps, Sound Strike’s performance provided an enjoyable experience for students. Sophomore Silas Bosh watched the performance during his lunch period, and shared his thoughts on Sound Strike.

  “I like it,” Bosh enthused. “It’s a good combination of jazz with a rock feel. It’s got a nice latin rock feel to it, and they have a wide variety of music. It’s really cool.”


Photo taken by Jessie Strait

Photo taken by Jessie Strait

Pierce has been a member of the Marine Corps rock band for ten years. He shed light on the significance of being able to travel around the country with the Marine Corps and perform for students.

  “For me it’s giving back to the community because I grew up the same as anyone else here. I went to high school- not a huge high school but a large high school- and was always saying, ‘man, these really great acts are coming through, I want to be like these guys.’ I was inspired seeing all these things growing up, so I want to try to inspire the students of this school as well,” said Pierce.

  Flores summed things up by describing the lasting impression that he hopes the performance has on students.

  Concluded Flores, “Hopefully create awareness about the Marine Corps, but more importantly, make [students] have a good time and remember the Marine Corps as a positive experience. Obviously we have fun just like everyone else. People forget that we come from you. We were all in high school at one point. Every time that we get out there and we create a little more awareness is hopefully an opportunity someone didn’t see [before].”


Lucy Hennon- Sports Editor

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