Marching Band performs exceptionally at their Invitational

The Hilliard Darby Band hosted the Hilliard Band Invitational last Saturday on October 7th. The competition lasted for four hours and hosted eight bands, including Darby’s own marching band.

    The band played extraordinarily well on Saturday, playing and marching perfectly in sync with their music. The band played a piece named “The Bridge”. In their performance they had massive props setting the scene. During their performance, the band members did many things rather than play, including lifting the props up and dancing all while playing their instrument. Also during the band’s performance, color guard created lots of colorful visuals with flags for the audience. Unfortunately, because Darby Band was hosting this weekend they could not receive any awards in the competition but ranked superior in all categories.

    For band competitions, they have ten judges each separated into a different categories. Then, there are five categories for awards which are: Outstanding Music, Outstanding Visual, Outstanding General Effect, Outstanding Percussion, and Outstanding Auxiliary. Each category will be scored from I, which is Superior, to V, which is Poor. Whichever school has the best scores will win the category.

  Sophomore trumpet player Nick Reiner shared how they have been prepared for their performance.

  “We have practice during and after school everyday, and we prepared this show since June,” said Reiner

  Ultimately, the band has worked very hard on this piece and still has more to come because they are planning on adding another segment to their show.

  This weekend on October 14th they will be having a double header at Athens High School and Dublin Jerome High School.

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