Making Steak Without a Recipe

This month I challenged myself to make food without using a recipe or outside help. I decided to make my 2 of my friends and myself a steak dinner that they got to personalize. They chose mixed vegetables and mashed sweet potatoes as their side. At the store, I bought the ingredients, purchasing a large steak and an assortment of vegetables such as stock of carrots, green beans, asparagus and sweet potatoes.

  For the first step I got two pots and boiled water in both. These pots were for steaming the vegetables and getting the sweet potatoes soft enough to mash. I then washed and cut the vegetables. I first cut the sweet potatoes into small cubes so they could heat up faster and then I put them in the boiling water. Then, I cut the carrots into disks, I cut the bean ends, and just one end off the asparagus, however, you can choose to cut them to any size you desire. Then, I put the vegetables in a steamer over the boiling water.

 For the meat, I first began by heating a skillet on low heat and adding a large amount of butter. Then I chose random spices to add to the steak because of my challenge to not look at a recipe. It was hard to chose some that went well with each other. However, I found that papyricka, garlic powder, chili powder, parsley flakes and Red Robin original seasoning works very well. I then poured a generous amount of spices on a plate and placed the steak on it to massage the spices in.

  I was constantly checking the vegetables to check if they were soft enough and flipped the meat every five minutes. When the sweet potatoes were soft and ready, I strained and mashed them with lots of butter and milk to make them nice and smooth. When the fork could go through the vegetable easily, I put them to the side. My friends and I like our steak to be medium rare with some pink in the middle, so I took it off sooner.

  All the food was really good for my first time and I didn’t give anyone food poisoning! I think that if I am capable of doing this you can too. Good luck and have fun.

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