Lots of Inexpensive ways to have fun in Hilliard

Although this winter has been warmer than usual, teenagers still feel at a loss for things to do in their free time, especially in Hilliard. However, there is plenty to do around Hilliard, and lots of ways to make it inexpensive.

The Chiller

   Roughly five miles north off of Cosgray there is the Ohio Health Dublin Chiller. This area will make many high schoolers nostalgic for their middle school days, as many of them spent virtually every Friday night at either PHAT Fridays at Sports Ohio or the Friday Night Meltdown at the Chiller. 

   Although it may seem like a middle school activity, ice skating is a fun activity for all ages! The Chiller has noon skates most Mondays through Fridays, along with the Friday Night Meltdown in the evening to end the school week. There are usually two public skate times on Saturdays and one on Sundays. The noon skates are $4 for students and adult admission, and another $3 for skate rental. The other public skates are $7 for student admission, $8 for adult admission, and $3 for skate rental. Friday Night Meltdowns are $10 for both admission and skate rental for all ages, even if someone doesn’t need to rent skates.

   The Chiller is a great option for something to do because all of the public skate times are two hours and the prices won’t break the bank. There are lockers where skaters can store their stuff for only $0.50, and there are concessions for people to get a snack or something to drink.

Get Air

   Another active option for teenagers in Hilliard is Get Air. Get Air is a trampoline park located off Fishinger Blvd. This is slightly more expensive than ice skating, however, on Tuesdays, jumptimes are buy one hour, get a second hour free. Also on Wednesdays, students can get 20% if they show a valid student ID. Most days though, it costs $14 for one hour of jumping, $22 for two hours, and $25 for three hours. First time jumpers also have to purchase the Get Air Jump Socks for an additional $3, however, they can be reworn in the future.

   Get Air has several areas for jumpers to explore, with flat and angled trampolines, a Ninja Course, dodgeball, and foam cube pits. If teenagers don’t want to bounce with little kids, they can go from 8pm to 11pm on Friday and Saturday nights for Club Air, which is a jump time for only those who are at least 9 years and 46 inches tall.


   For those who want a more relaxing way to spend their free time can go to the movies. Although the movies can seem like an expensive outing, there are several tricks to make it less expensive.

   At AMC, you can sign up to be an AMC Premiere Insider member. Insider is the lowest level of AMC membership, but it is also completely free. Members earn points towards discounts with every purchase, receive a free large popcorn for their birthday, and have a few other perks. However, one of the best advantages is AMC members on all levels get discounted tickets every Tuesday. Most non-matinee movies can be as much as $8.50, however, on Tuesdays, members can get tickets all day for $5. Tickets for the first showing of each movie each day are typically the least expensive regardless of the time of day. 

   The two most popular AMC theatres are Columbus 10 on Hilliard Rome Road and Dublin Village 18 on Village Parkway. Although many people say the Dublin theatre is nicer, the Columbus 10 is still quite nice and is less expensive.

   Another option for a movie theatre is the Cinemark Carriage Place Movies 12 on Bethel Road. Although this theatre is a little farther away than the other two, it has the best prices, is typically less busy, and sometimes has movies in theatres longer than AMC theatres.

   Despite what everyone says, there are lots of options for things to do in Hilliard that are great for all ages.

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