Light up the new year with a disco party

Light up this holiday season with a fun flashy disco ball. This simple disco ball is chic and can be used for your New Years party or just a fun light fixtures around the house. This disco ball is very inexpensive and can be made from lots of leftovers around your house. 


  • 2 hollow foam half spheres
  • Around 100 christmas lights
  • CD’s
  • Hot Glue (or regular)
  • Towel
  • Hammer

Step One:

   Poke holes through the foam spheres that are big enough to fit the christmas light. This is so the lights can shine through the ball. I found it easiest to use a flat-head screwdriver to poke the holes and carve out the right size. I also used a permanent marker to dot and plan where I’d poke the holes. 

Step Two:

   Stuff the lights into the poked holes. You want to make sure that there is a hole at the top of the sphere for a cord to come out to hang and reach an outlet. It would also be good to keep excess cord in the ball so you can pull out more if it needs to go father for an outlet.

Step Three:

   Connect the two half spheres to make a whole sphere with hot glue. You can also use regular but I just found it quicker to use hot.

Step Four:

   Break the cds. To do this in a safe way you must fold the cds in a towel and then hit them with a hammer. When I made mine, I broke my CDs into medium pieces so I could fit them in all different spots.

Step Five:

   Glue on your broken cd pieces around the lights and fit them in all places.

Step Six:

   Hang it up near an outlet and let it shine! I hung mine up by using a screw hook where I could screw it into the ceiling and wrap the christmas lights on the hook to secure its spot.

This craft is simple, but a little time consuming. If you put in the effort you’ll be able to have a cool, chic, and cheap DIY disco ball. This will get you started for that New Years party of the new decade. 

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